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Planning and Sustainable Development

Welcome to Aberdeen City Council's Planning Register

The register contains information on all valid planning applications lodged since 1st April 2009. Applications which are invalid are not included on the register. Information is current at the time of your search.

Please use one of the search facilities below to search for a particular planning application.

We will endeavour to put up-to-date information online as soon as possible but it should be noted that from time to time, there may be a short delay in getting information onto the web and would ask that you bear with us if this is the case.

Details of how to comment on, or object to, Planning Applications can be found at: A Guide to Commenting on Planning Applications

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Please note that in order to do an 'all applications' search, you are required to fill in one other criteria, for example 'ward'.

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Disclaimer: This facility has been developed for tracking current planning applications and does not provide a full historical record. Electronic application records exist only from 1st April 2009 onwards. Therefore, the available data cannot be relied upon for a full property history or search and whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and up-to-date Aberdeen City Council does not accept responsibility for any omissions or errors.